I haven’t used the VMware Player in a while, however the need recently arose when I had to deploy some virtual machines at a upcoming trade show. After the installation, I noticed that vmnetcfg was nowhere to be found; No shortcuts, and the executable was missing from the VMware Player program folder. For those who aren’t aware, vmnetcfg is an utility that allows you to reconfigure the virtual networks that the player uses. In my case I needed to bind VMnet0 (the bridged network) to my wired network card since it didn’t seem to work correctly with my WiFi network.

It turns out that while the VMware Player installer does not deploy the tool anywhere, it can be extracted manually and added to the installation via the following procedure:

  1. Download and install the VMware Player package as you normally would

  3. When the installation is complete, run the following from a command prompt to extract all of the cab files from the installer package. This will put them into a folder called “extracted” at the same directory level as the installer package
  4. Navigate into the extracted folder and locate the network.cab file
  5. Double Click network.cab and locate vmnetcfg.exe inside
  6. Copy vmnetcfg.exe and paste it into the VMware Player program folder


At this point, you can run the executable, and happily reconfigure your virtual networks. Enjoy!