I recently worked on an issue with a Remote Desktop user who claimed that when printing through RDP, the resulting output would contain incorrect fonts and random characters. After trying multiple versions of the print driver on the local machine with no avail, I found the following hotfix, which resolved the issue in it’s entirety. This appears to be a specific issue with the .NET Framework 3 and Windows XP.


The title description of the hotfix would lead to you to believe that it would have nothing to do with Remote Desktop Services, however, note the second paragraph:

Additionally, when you print from a terminal server session by using the Easy Print driver, there may be problems in the print output. Specifically, there may be unexpected fonts in the printed document, the document text may be compressed or truncated, or the document text may contain unexpected random characters. This behavior may affect print jobs that range from e-mail messages to the “Print the test page” document from the printer properties.