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How to Disable Autorun

The Autorun feature in Windows allows removable devices like CDs and Flash Disks to auto-execute an application when they are inserted. An example would be inserting an application CD into your optical drive, and the setup program automatically starting up. This is accomplished by the use of an autorun.inf file in the root of the […]

MS12-020: Critical Vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop

On Tuesday, March 13th 2012, Microsoft released fixes for two reported vulnerabilities in the Remote Desktop Protocol described in the link below: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-020 – Critical The fixes for these two vulnerabilities can be reviewed here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2667402 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2621440 Obviously Microsoft releases critical security updates every month, however the problem that KB2621440 addresses is […]

The Windows Equivalent of Touch

Every now and again I find myself wishing that there was a Windows equivalent of the UNIX/Linux touch command to update time stamps on files. Well, it turns out that there is an easy way to do this, which I stumbled upon by using the copy command illustrated below. The result of the above operation […]

Enabling Network Level Authentication for RDP in XP SP3

Windows Vista/7/2008 has the option of requiring Network Level Authentication when acting as a Remote Desktop host. Without going into any great detail, NLA offers a higher level of security for your RDP sessions, and a lower resource requirement during the authentication process. This setting is controlled by the dialog below under [My Computer Properties\Remote […]

Adjusting DPI in Terminal Services

I recently deployed a new Terminal Server running 2008 R2, and a few of my users inquired on whether they could adjust the DPI settings to make the fonts larger. To my dismay, these settings appear to be disabled for users logged in via Terminal Services. After a little searching, I was surprised to find […]

Setting Wallpaper via GPO in Windows 7/2008 R2

Doesn’t work. This little bug drove me insane for a week as I’d been trying to figure out why my default wallpaper wasn’t being displayed for any of the users on my 2008 R2 Terminal Server. I had originally convinced myself that it was Terminal Server related, so all of my web crawling sent me […]